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JS Cesar


Born - February, 21, 2009

ANCCE Revised May 2013

UC Davis Tested - Eeaa

Cesar is a magnificent representation of the Pure Raza Espanola (PRE).

He has all the characteristic the breed is known for ... powerful hindquarters, a willing and brave temperament, extreme intelligence, and a strong desire to work with his rider.

Cesar's wonderful personality and substantial bone structure are evident as soon as you meet him.



Mario A. Contreras

Mario started training Cesar as a yearling preparing him for the IALHA breed shows.  Mario continued working with Cesar and presented him at the ANCCE revision in May 2013.  In September 2013, Cesar made his dressage debut under Mario's watchful eyes.  

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by the following:

Bob Langrish

Mario A. Contreras

Lisa Diersen

Mary Diersen

John & Karen Rock

Jodi Hartman

Renee Vavra Criss